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CSR Activities
CSR Activities


As part of this CSR activity, Aries Group initiated the World’s First Charity movie "JALAM". Directed by M. Padmakumar and produced by Sir Sohan Roy, the movie started a campaign urging audiences to 'Buy a Ticket and Contribute a Brick'. The complete revenue generated by the movie was handed over for the rehabilitation of the landless people of Idukki. The movie also vied for 88 th Academy Awards under Best Picture, Original Score and Original Song (4 songs) categories.


Aries Group recently initiated a Women Empowerment Programme in the Middle East. Following an extensively researched curriculum, the course is a blend of classroom training, soft skills, online training & on the job training to cater the graduate homemakers to step out of their comfort zone and enter the world of economic creation and income generation. The programme aims to prepare women to equip themselves with the latest trends and be a part of the employment demand & supply market.


The massive earthquake in Nepal made news in 2015. The unforeseen calamity brought extensive damage to the lives and property of people living in the region. Poor families were dislocated, children were left orphaned and thousands were forced to survive without sufficient food and water for days. Understanding the need of the hour, World Medical Council, a forum designed for the continuous and conscious development of the medical industry, initiated ‘One Day Salary Challenge’ campaign urging employees ofated by Aries Marine and Medi BizTV, more than 1500 people acce various companies to donate at least their one day salary to support the earthquake stricken Nepal. As initipted the challenge and contributed their one day wages to the rehabilitation projects in state. To make contributions easier an online link was formed through which contributors refereed their friends to this noble venture.

Chennai Flood Relief Activity

Chennai was affected by the worst ever flood, taking a toll of more than 200 people and causing massive destruction. When the city received help from all sides, the worst affected rural areas were left neglected. To support these remote areas, Aries Group of Companies provided helping hand to more than 150 rural families for reconstruction of their houses which were lost in the calamity. 2 teams of staff representatives were sent to physically help the people struck in the affected areas. Chennai CSR activities of Aries Group was supported by Caritas International, one of the most reputed NGOs of the world and World Medical Council.

Desamangalam Project

Aries group has always come up with new initiatives and strategies to help the needy in our society. This year green preservation efforts have become a core of our CSR agenda. As part of this initiative, Aries will plant more than 250 plant varieties and cultivate paddy in 10 acres of land at Desamangalam, Kerala.